The RESA Power Transformer Assessment Portal (RESA TAP) is an online functional console providing easy 24/7 access to the current and historical data of your transformers. Review the service history and diagnostic assessment for your equipment from any device with an internet connection.

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Main features include:

  • Free of charge access to the portal anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Store current and historical data on client owned equipment to gather useful metrics about managed transformers.
  • View oil sample processing progress and service order status.
  • View current condition and status of your transformers and equipment.
  • View, print, or download transformer assessment and overview reports.
  • All analytical tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM Standard Test Procedures and diagnostic recommendations are based on IEEE Standard guidelines.


Check the health of your transformers free of charge with access anywhere there is an internet connection.


Store current and historical data of your transformer's service life to get insights into the overall conditions of your equipment and effective condition-based maintenance plans.


View the status of your transformer, detailed analysis data, sample progress, next test date, and other useful information to track your equipment from every angle.

Best in Class Oil Testing and Transformer Analysis

Transformer reliability is driven by data. As a diagnostic resource, RESA TAP enables you to check real and up-to-date analytical data on your transformer, get insights into the overall conditions of your equipment and take control over your maintenance to secure your assets. Using RESA Power trend analysis, you will be able to see faults develop early enough to mitigate them before they become a threat to reliability. You can also enable email notifications and never miss any important information. You will be notified when the work order is complete to receive all necessary data.

Get a Clear and Comprehensive View of Your Transformer Health

Transformer health, much like human health, can be quantified and assessed. A clear understanding of the risks involved in transformer operations, and how best to mitigate them, is crucial to ensuring the long life of your equipment. RESA TAP is your all-in-one solution allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your transformers. It is your early warning system for when something has started to go wrong. Easy to interpret color coded indicators provide relevant information on both analysis and service recommendations for your equipment. This helps you prioritize problem equipment and maintenance or service issues.


See and Track Your Transformer from Every Angle

A significant benefit of online assessment is that it opens the door to automated decision making based on current transformer conditions. RESA TAP provides an easy-to-read visual status graph for the overall condition of your transformer. RESA TAP provides great assessment features, enabling you to find relevant data in one place, organized into easily readable table.

  • Transformer detail and name plate data
  • Work order details (date and analysis)
  • Service history, recommendations, and notes
  • Inspection/gauge settings
  • Dissolved gas analysis
  • Oil quality analysis
  • Moisture content analysis
  • Inhibitor content analysis
  • Liquid power factor analysis
  • Furan analysis
  • Particle count analysis
  • DC resistivity analysis
  • Metals analysis
  • Corrosive sulfur analysis
  • PCB analysis


Maximize Your Transformer Longevity

No piece of equipment lasts forever but you can maximize your equipment longevity by choosing an effective assessment tool. The ability to identify trends and immediate visibility of transformer conditions is essential in deploying effective condition based maintenance plans. To keep you on track, RESA TAP provides the most up to date picture of transformers that need immediate attention and the potential consequences of inaction. You can easily access information on next test date as well as get insights on the status of your transformer.

Using dependable and accurate RESA TAP data you will be able to make the most cost effective maintenance decisions. As a result, you can maximize the performance and lifetimes of your transformers.

RESA Power Transformer Oil Testing Laboratory

RESA Power Transformer Oil Testing Laboratory conducts all analytical tests in accordance with ASTM Standard Test Procedures and diagnostic recommendations are based on IEEE Standard Guidelines. Please click here for more information.